Sandy Osborn

USEF "S" Judge; USDF Gold and Silver Medalist

Sandy is a USDF silver and gold medalist, awards achieved on horses she trained herself from the national levels up through the Grand Prix.  She is a USEF “S” (Senior) judge who travels all over the country judging all levels through the Grand Prix.  As an instructor, Sandy has been teaching since her teenage years, initially at summer camps and eventually as a student instructor during her college years at the University of Massachusetts where she graduated with a B.S. in Animal Sciences with a concentration in Equine Studies.  Sandy has focused her teaching on the conviction that as riders we either help or hinder our horses in their ability to be the best they can be.  She focuses on developing the rider’s seat and position in order to allow their aids to be as clear as possible to the horse.  From this foundation, the riders are able to follow classical principles of riding calm, forward, and straight in order to develop the throughness and connection from back to front on which all dressage training is based.  In the last several years she has coached students to many year end awards from Training Level through FEI levels. Sandy works with students at all levels and enjoys helping event riders with their dressage work as well.   Sandy is very excited to be based at Ashland Farm.  She is a firm believer in riding the dressage horses out in the open to keep them fresh and enjoying their work.  To learn more about Sandy and her students please visit her website:

Availability at Ashland Farm

 Sandy moved to Ashland Farm in the spring of 2014.  She is available weekdays and some weekends